Nutritional counselling


Health insurance-recognised nutritional counselling
for exceptional illness situations

Counselling services


For symptoms of cancer
(nausea, weight loss)
Side effects of cancer therapy
(loss of taste, diarrhoea, weight gain)
After surgical interventions
(artificial bowel outlet, stomach removal)

Weight regulation

Support during obesity drug therapy
(GLP-1 analogues, semaglutide)
Preparation for bariatric surgery
Unwanted weight gain after bariatric surgery

Chronic illness/inflammation

For chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
(weight loss)
Side effects of rheumatoid arthritis therapy
(altered blood sugar or blood lipid levels, ravenous appetite during cortisone therapy, osteoporosis)

About me

Strahmhalm Nutritional counselling

In overwhelming life situations, we colloquially reach for a saving straw. In my practice “Strahmhalm”, I support you in finding your personal path when you are flooded with nutritional recommendations. Together we will engage in a dialogue to “separate the wheat from the chaff (or the usable from the useless nutritional knowledge)” and discuss the nutritional-therapeutic change options for your illness in a practical way.


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