Whether you have questions about the effect of individual foods on tumour growth, practical solutions for nutrition-related side effects of radiotherapy, surgery or drug therapy, or support with weight stabilisation as part of anti-hormone therapy, cancer sufferers will find expert answers to their questions in my consultation.



Obesity is a chronic illness. My services are aimed at people who are repeatedly confronted with the issue of weight. I have had the trust of affected patients since 1998. My counselling is practice-oriented and picks you up at the point in your life where you are at the moment. I will be happy to accompany you on your journey with medical or surgical obesity therapy.

Chronische Erkrankung

Chronic illness/inflammation 

The focus of nutritional therapy is on stabilising muscle mass, weight, bone density, blood lipids and blood sugar stabilisation, e.g. in the context of recurring cortisone therapies. The focus is on improving and maintaining your quality of life. We also look at the question of how a suitable diet can be achieved on a small budget within the chronic illness.

About me

I have been working as a nutritional counsellor in various hospitals and in my own practice Strahmhalm for more than 25 years. Through further training, I have specialised in nutritional therapy for chronic illnesses.
I work on a doctor’s prescription and my consultations are covered by basic insurance. Thank you for seeking a prescription from your doctor and sending it to me before our first appointment.

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